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29 November 2014

Genap setahun usia perkahwinan kami..

Syukur ke hadrat Ilahi diatas anugerah terindah yang kami miliki kini..

Walau diuji dengan pelbagai rintangan dan ujian dariNya yang maha Esa…

Keteguhan serta keihklasan di hati tetap membawa cinta kami mekar bersemi…

Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga buat keluarga dan rakan-rakan yang sentiasa memberikan semangat dan doa buat kami…

Semoga bahtera perkahwinan ini akan teguh berlayar dilautan yang luas dan penuh mencabar …

Semoga kasih sayang dan cinta kami termeterai di hati buat selama-lamanya….

dan semoga segala yang dihajati akan dimakbulkan oleh Allah S.W.T suatu hari nanti…

In Shaa Allah..Aamin..


p/s: Credit Pic to Basha Pixcers



Last month, we had went to Singapore to attend our cousin’s wedding ceremony…

So we started to go there on Friday evening from Klang and reach Singapore at night and had our rest…

For the next day, our  aunt make a small gathering for family members and friends.  During evening, we spend time together by having  an evening walk by the beach and garden. :)


we are now at Singapore…..Dont miss out…just wearing our couple shirt “I love Terengganu” :P


Lovely time together :)

The next day is the Wedding Day!

A big congrats to Abg Ehsan for his wedding  and not to forget to his wife also :)


wearing our “baju batik” :)



Congrats to both of u! :D


Family pictures! :D


Actually wedding ceremony in Singapore and Malaysia quit same and not much different :)

For the last day, before we going back to Malaysia, we went to Marina Sand Bay…

Once we arrived, the first thing that we do is, boat ride!




Next, we walk away around the mall and went to the outside. A very nice view we can see here!






Lastly, we had feel the excitement seeing the best scenery from the top of Marina Sands Skypark!


IMG_2396 IMG_2394


So that’s the wrap for the day..

we went back to our aunt’s apartment and get ready to come back to Malaysia!


Salam everyone..

just wanna share our happy moments celebrated my 25th birthday !


First time celebrate with my lovely husband, we had choosed  Sunway Lagoon Theme Park as our destination!

Feels so excited and really had a good time there! and of course the entrance fee for me is FREE! due to my birthday and 30% discount for my husband :D

Everyone can get the offered. Just registered yourself as a Sunway Pals members! Easy right? :D


We at the entrance of Sunway Lagoon!

A warm greetings from the staff with  a Happy Birthday wishes to me during entering the theme park makes me feel so happy :D

We are so excited to enjoyed our day…started to take some pictures at the theme park and we went  to keep our staff and belonging into the locker provided with free of charged also :D After make sure our belonging is safe in the locker, we started to entered to the pool! without wasting our time, lets enjoyed the various water ride!

231069125 copy

231209572 copy


that is just some part of the water ride  that we manage to take a picture! haha  There are more  attractive water ride that we had tried! one of it is of course VUVUZELA! which is the world’s largest vortex water ride!


 It was so Cool and Awesome!

After tried all those games, we went to swim at the pool and also take some picture! :D

23434622 23434630 copy 231079649 copy

not to be missed out also underwater picture!

23434637 copy 231079656 231079663 copy

So when it comes to our  lunch time..both of us had try “Rojak + Mee Rojak and also Cendol + ABC for our meal :D

Untitled-1 IMAG1665

Then we went to Wild Life Park!

IMAG1676 IMAG1688 IMAG1711



Its was really nice when we can spend time together watching the animals with a calm scenery..

also we had a change to feed the fish,duck and swan! :D

that’s the end of our day at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park!

But not to forget my lovely dear also gave me a gift form Sunway Lagoon which is ……..


See our picture inside it? Really memorable!

I Love You Dear!


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