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2 days 1 night @ A Famosa Resort, Malacca

It’s a holiday! yeahhh…early of last month my dept once again make a trip for a holiday and this time we went to the A Famosa Resort, Malacca for 2 days and 1 night…and as usually i bring my dear together for this holiday…:)

As planned, we went there on the afternoon by 3 cars, and another 2 cars will join us in the evening after working hours…So, me with my dear went with the first trip with my seniors…:) we arrive there early and we got much time to settle down our stuff and luggage…and because the bungalow we rent have a swimming pool, we spend our time enjoying swimming in the pool! :)

At night, we had a barbeque session…and off course there’s a lot of meals for the barbeque! together we grilled the chicken, lamb, prawn and crab! so awesome and delicious! :) everybody got full and right after that we went to the cowboy town! wants to see the show but unfortunately we arrived late and the show is over…so bad…but it’s ok..we just hang around in the cowboy town and managed to watched the 4D movie! quit interesting but i don’t like the movie that we watched…just because it’s a scary movie..haha

Then we went back home..take our rest and sleep…and for the next day after we had our breakfast and check out from the bungalow, we straight away went the A Famosa Water World to have fun!

BBQ Time! :D

we at the entrance :)




we at the cowboy town! :)

We awaiting for 4D movie! :D

Us :)


us again :)


water world! :D














Hi there, may peace b upon you & Assalamualaikum! :)

huhu..its been awhile I’ve been updated this journal of our memories with stories. Actually there was a lot of memories that can be share but due to some circumstances. It was kept to myself, ahahaha.. :D

So this time  would like to story about what I and my lovely love do last Saturday. I don’t know whether the Raya Festive is already ended but still there “Open House” that people still do.

That day was a nice day, there were three houses to go, all is my lovely love friends but we go in the evening, following my lovely plan. In morning, we got time to go for a date for awhile. :D We spent time go to Shaw CentrePoint Klang looking for pink T-shirt to match my lovely love Baju Kurung colour which also is pink..hihi.. :D

Afterwards, we had a little lunch with our favorite ice blended! and for food, I tried for the first time the Hot & Rolls!, wowweeeee!!..its really damn hot and delicious!..

Hazelnut Coffee Jelly & Hot & Rolls!

Large Hazelnut Coffee Jelly Ice Blended & Crispy Wraps Hot & Rolls!

Hot & Rolls Shaw CentrePoint Klang

Awesome & Delicious!

After we finished having our little lunch, we set back home, then rest for awhile. Around 3PM, she fetch me up again and then we went to the 1st house which is at Port Klang, her uitm Jengka friend, Nik.

Then, afterwards, we fetch up another friend, shyamini at KTM Klang and went straight to Qilla’s House at Meru. Reach there, we meet several other friends (which basically my lovely love friends) hihi :D , I’m just addition to the group..hihi..

After talk-a-lot thingy and take pictures. We went to the last house at Kpg Jawa. Supposedly we all convoy from Qilla’s house to Nina but some of them got another things to do or to reach. Left me, my lovely and shyamini. So left three of us straight to Nina’s House which is the best part is I got to ate Satay!!!!..I’ve been craving since before left my home!..hahaha..then we sat there, talk and talk again. Until around 10PM, we sent back Shyamini at KTM Klang where her parents already waiting her.

So that the story, now pictures time! :)

My Lovely Pink Girl! :)

Qilla's House, Jalan Kopi, Meru

Qilla’s Open House

Qilla's House Jalan Kopi, Meru

Qilla Open House Jalan Kopi Meru

Qilla's Open House The Couple’s & Convent Girls! :)

Farah Qilla's Open House Jalan Kopi Meru, Klang


Nina Aziz Open House Kampung Jawa


Nina Aziz's Open House Kpg Jawa Klang Nina’s

And that the end of the Pictures! May we meet again next Raya :)
Thank you for reading! :)


Assalamualaikum and a very good day people…Salam 17th Ramadhan to all the muslims. :)

Last Saturday was a very nice day…Me, with my Lovely Dear and also some of our best friends had meet for an Iftar togehter. At first we plan to have a steamboat or seafood menu at Tanjung Harapan for our iftar but then we need to change our plan to just have an iftar together at the nearest shopping complex which is Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang… We also plan to have a movie first before iftar….and the movie that i choose off course is the Dark Night! huhu…After reconfirm the places, we set to meet up at the shopping complex before 3pm…

So as usual, at first, I went to my dear’s house to fetch him and from there we went to fetch our friend, Naili at her home. We are a little bit late actually because the movie’s start at 3pm…and during that time we still in our way to went to the shopping complex! huhu…While the other friend also still on her way…so after we arrived, we faster went to Papa John to booked a table for our Iftar! and quickly went to the cinema to watch the movie!haha..the movie started at 3pm and we went into the cinema about 3.30pm…30 minutes late already but then it’s ok for us..just sat and watch the movie together! :)

Watching The Dark Knight Rises!


The movie is quit slow at the beginning..but then it became more interesting and more actions! Awesome! and I really like it! huhu

After finished the movie, we went to perform our prayer and have a walk at some outlet and then we went to Papa John…it’s still early actually..we booked for 6.30 pm and waiting for the iftar about 1 hour. We sat together have a chit chat and story about ourselves and when it comes to 7.30 pm everybody in the restaurant are excited to eat their meals! and off course with Bismillah and doa first! :)

Iftar together at Papa John Restaurant! :)

With my dear :)


We eat together happily! the set of meals are quite interesting…too much to eat because we ordered set for 6 people to eat by 5 people! get it??hahaa..we all get full after that!

Finished eat our meals, we went to perform prayer and after that we have a window shopping together…looks like every outlet having a big SALE! off course for the upcoming Hari Raya Festival. :)

My Best friends! :)


and at last before we went back home, we try out to have a drink with Cha Time! Looks like a lot of people like to buy it…we need to line up and wait about half an hour to get our cha time drink! hahaa Never mind, even though we need to wait long but the taste of the cha time that was so tasty! had made us feels good! :)

That’s all for our day for an iftar together…thanks to all my best friends and also my dear to spend time together for that day..:)

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Hello There, may peace be upon you!! :)

It been awhile that I haven’t get close to nature, feels like lately more to “Modern Jungle”. Went for a movie, or shopping complex. Feels like been avoiding green lately.

So I’ve decided to have a date with my lovely love at Taman Pertanian Malaysia Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam…huhu :D We go greeen!! :)


Taman Pertanian Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam

We go green, it was her idea to bought this shirt. I like it also…almost most of our shirt are exactly same color, same design and same pattern. haha :D

auww..auwww…so sweet of us..hihi :)

Taman Pertanian Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam

We argue a bit on who gonna go 1st to take the picture above, hihi… :)

Like always, most of the time we spent here talking and discussing and I asking her to jog with me along. huhu :)

Taman Bukit Cerakah Taman Pertanian Negara, Shah Alam

So we just walked around from the main entrance all the way to the 4 Season’s House where that time is the Spring Season! :) It was soooo nice. Feel so fresh!!

Afterwards, we thought that gonna go looking for “Rumah Kampung Tradisional” but the  shuttle bus wont stop so we could have a ride. That was so frustrating. We end up do this : Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

Eat Maggi Mee Cup!! :) hahahaha…while waiting, we have a “tea break” … :D

So after several bus that past don’t want give us a lift, so I decided we just take the bus and go back to the main entrance.

Ending up a bit disappointed, We go have some “Ais Batu Campur!”..huhu…

Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

I only take her picture! :)

So after finish cooling out our body and mind, we set off for lunch, which we go for Ayam Penyet at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. No picture because I didn’t take it…hahahaha… :) and our stomach feels a bit full since we’ve already ‘ate’ “Ais Batu Campur” before. hahahahahaha…

Then, we took off went home, fresh up and changed and went out again. This time we went to Carrefour because I want to buy things for myself and food stock for the Hostel. My lovely love also accompany me to sent off the things after I completed buying my stuff. :)

Thank you lovely love! :)

Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

:p Thanks for reading! :)

p/s; This post was supposedly to be posted on 10/6/2012 :) Guess to busy that moment! :)


Hello There, may Peace be Upon You! :)

Lets continue on my journey with my lovely love! :) hehe…Last weekend was my special weekend because why?.

Because it was my Birthday! :) love already made a post wishing for me :) Thanks Love! :D I love it!

So, what I do on the special weekend?,see this entry title…back to back action???for two days; Saturday & Sunday..hehe..guess what? We went for a movie which was one of the movies that been awaits for so long!..wait for it…*drum roll* its The Avengers!!!

The Avengers

The Avengers! : Full Synopsis

My Review;

If people doesn’t watch the previous movies of each character, it wouldn’t understand and can’t connect between each of them. Thankfully, I managed get to watch all of the movies from Incredible Hulk, followed by Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, then Captain America! :) all of it are AWESOME and connected in The Avengers! :)

Full of action and explosive!!…your adrenaline will pumped up! even my love also “waaaaaa”…hahahaha :) not to forget the Hot Black Widow! and the Funny Hulk!, full of surprise even at the beginning where Hawk-Eye suddenly get under spelled by Loki, “adopted brother” of Thor! hahaha…

Full 10 Stars for this AWESOME & SUPERB movie!


If got the chance to watch this movie again at cinema, I would mind to go again!,can go for 3D or IMAX for better pleasure! :) I already book and purchased for this movie a week before, since it started showing 27 April which is Friday, I choose to watch on Saturday, 28th. Because that day also happen to be my lovely Love’s friend wedding ceremony.




And onto the next day which is 29th, is the day of my Birth-day! :) huhu..the day that I’ll wait when it come to the month of April! :) This year was a bit special since my Love is making something handmade for me!!! :D

My Birthday

*Chocolate Bouquet*

huhu..the chocolate bouquet is specially handmade by my Love. From the chocolate itself until become the Bouquet! :D I love it so much!!hehe…

Adnan Fakri Birthday

Ainnur Atikah & Adnan Fakri

Chocolate Bouquet & Rainbow Cake! (^.^)/

I also got a T-Shirt!which is nice and I like it! :) afterwards, we took off to Sunway Pyramid!,no else to go, eventhough thought that would want to go somewhere else but then, its okay with Sunway Pyramid, much more facilities :)

When we reach there, the parking was packed! but then one women anonymously waving at us telling to that her parking spot! yeayyy!!..we are already late for our movie!,yeah! 1st things 1st,catch a MOVIE!!:) back 2 back action aite?, it because the movie was Battleship!!

The Battleship

Battleship : Full Synopsis

My Review;

At the beginning, it was quite slow, lots of talking, but still funny since got some guys (who I can’t remember) making jokes. Hahaha…and it appears that Rihanna also star in this movie! quite awesome her acting but can see a little bit stiff!overall still okay one!

At first I was thinking that all the fleet will be at war with the Alien but only one Patrol Ship *I guess that left not destroyed because the technology of the Alien have was super cool, it can detect whether the enemy weapon are armed or not but they still insist attacking the alien using the same ship that in the end they still lost the ship!, BUT…they found another ship that was already been a museum ship, the USS Missouri Battleship!!then they go war with the Battleship fight the Alien!

The thrill, suspension, action and explosion was way…way..wayyyyyy COOL!!!!

9 out of 10 stars for the COOL and AWESOMENESS!! :)

Battleship movie!

US! in the BeaniePlex!

So after the awesome movie, its Lunch timeee!!! :)  where we go?to the place thay my Love want to bring me to; FullHouse!! hehehe…looking at the price and quantity, it was quite affordable yet tasty :)

FullHouse  Sunway Pyramid!

Lunch Time! :)

After having a great and deliciously meals! :) We though that want to go to Karaoke there, but it already close and shutdown, will be replaced with something else, way more awesome! :) later will check it out again.

But we didn’t stop there, since it shutdown at Sunway Pyramid, I took the liberty to call Green Box Bukit Tinggi to book a room! and yeay! the room booking success! so we set off rushingly from Sunway Pyramid to Aeon Bukit Tinggi! :) hahahahaha..

Still get the chance to sing out loud!!!..wahahahahahahaha :) I love it! So it was my Day filled with lots of lots Joy and Happiness! :) huhu…

Thank You for Everything My Heart!








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