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Bulan March 2015 banyak betul Movie best2 keluar kat wayang! Rasa macam nak tengok semua je.. tapi berpada2 jugak lah tak kan nak tengok semua..huhu..

Insurgent! Ok ni movie first yang kami berdua je waktu tu..suami nak tengok sambungan cite divergent katanya..jadi kita follow jelah kan..hihi..tapi memang best ceritanya.. tak rugi tengok..


Cinderella! Yang ni pulak, kami tengok dengan ibu sekali..menunaikan permintaan ibu..huhu.. cerita fantasi memang best..lagi2 cerita yang sememangnya kita tengok dari kecil..beza nya dulu tengok kartun, sekarang tengok yang lakonan real punya..

apa yang lagi best, dalam satu hari tu kami bukan sahaja tengok satu cerita tapi dua! Kalau tadi cerita omputih, sekarang cerita melayu pula..apa lagi yang tengah hangat kan..

Isyarat Cinta!abes je cerita cinderella kami terus masuk hall lain untuk cerita isyarat cinta..huhu.. ok. Cerita nya memang sedih lah..memang meleleh dibuatnya..jalan cerita menarik..cuma pelakon dan penggambarannya agak kureng sikit..huhu



Fast and Furious 7! Ok yang ni memang gempak! Dan memang yang terbaik! Sangat2 puas hati.. untuk cerita ni kami tengok dengan adik beradik suami.. sekali sekala buat siblings day out kan.. huhu


The Cobbler! Yang ni pula pilihan terakhir sebab dah xtau nak tengok cerita apa..haha..tapi apa2 pun tak rugi sebab cerita ni kelakar jadi memang have fun lah bila tonton..huhu untuk cerita ni pula kami tengok dengan adik beradik saya pulak.. to be fair kan..huhu..lagi pun kesian adik2 belajar jauh2 sekali sekala balik rumah kenalah layan…huhu

Bila tengok2 balek rupanya setiap minggu kami keluar tengok wayang..wah..xpernah2 pun sebelum ni buat macam tu..biasanya asyik sibuk je dengan urusan kerja dan keluarga..

Kali ni memang betul2 spend time together and also with family..sangat2 enjoy! :)

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Chapter 1;

HM at Colmar Tropical, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

December is the month’s of celebrating our wedding anniversary

So we had plan for a holiday to celebrate it and of course as a reward for us to spend time together




a quite romantic dinner :)



scenery of attractions building at Colmar Tropical



one of the attraction here is “Japanese Village” Dont miss out!



we in “Kimono” ~ Japanese traditional dress~



Chapter 2;

HM at Bukit Merah

there is a lot of activities can be done here

but it seems like the management needs to do more improvisation towards these resort

anyway, we still enjoyed our holiday here


some of the place and attractions here


view of our resort ” Kampung Air” which is a water chalet


some of our activities ~animal park,animal show,sky cycle and of course the water theme park~

End of our HM story for the year 2014!

Lots of precious moments we had face through out this year


Thank you Love


*Counting Days*  :-)

*Counting Days*



May Peace be Upon You and Hi there, :)

Happy New Year!!, seems already entering the 3rd day of this year, 2013!!..Ho yeah!!. Suppose to be have a post on whats already be done & achieved in 2012 but due to some circumstances because lack of time and things to be done, I’ve to postponed the post for awhile, but it will posted soon, stay tune!

Today, I would like to story about the continuation of another part of US, ending our year of 2012 which already been told by pictures and posted by my lovely love here, pictures also tell the whole stories :) and how we started our year 2013!!.

Lets the story begins!….

So on the 1st January 2013, I and my lovely love went for a movie date which the movie we choose was the movie that my lovely love dying to see since the 1st time saw the trailer last year. The movie was actually :

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Hahaha..purposely put the title big enough!..huhu…So basically the synopsis of the story was :

A younger and more reluctant Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, sets out on a “unexpected journey” to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of Dwarves to reclaim a their stolen mountain home from a dragon named Smaug.

Source : 

Short synopsis also good right?, no one would like to read it long enough and some more people hate spoiler!, I do so!..hahaha..BUT!…..hehe…..*spoiler alert* the journey stop when they saw the Lonely Mountain and there will be part II!!…muahahahaha…My lovely love watch this movies with full of excitement, even talked to the cute of you Love! <3 huhuhu:D


The movies was nice and some part was awesome, others more or less like the LOTR itself, WALK, WALK and WALK!..hihi..its not boring but they literally show that they walking from Bilbo’s House until the part of they past the Goblin Mountain. Again, *Spoiler Alert*

Huhuhu :p ..So after the movie finished, supposed went for Karaoke Fun Time but we already past the booking time itself!!..bad of me didn’t count the timing correctly as I’ve expect the movie will be done around 3PM so as the Karaoke start at 3PM but the movie ends at 4PM!, so what to do??


We went for lunch at different Shopping Mall, YES it is, we drove out from the shopping Mall that we watch the movie and go to another shopping mall just to eat!!

Sizzling Mee!! & ABC is good enough! :D

Some people may know this place because of the AWESOMENESS of the Sizzling Mee!!!!..hahaha…So we just sat there, eating and talking. I love the moments and just talk and laugh, joke around and Enjoy!.

Huhuhu..So that is the Part 1, now to the Part 2,


On the next day which is 2nd January 2013,

We went out again but this time for other occasion, my lovely Love want to pick-up her convocation day pictures and I need to sent my assignment..assignment?…yes, my assignment to where?, to UITM, Shah Alam..

What we do waiting at Traffic Light? :D

Afterwards when both things have been completed, we went searching something, what it is?..After found it we went back home and my lovely Love directly went to work and I also went back to KL to go to work also! :)

What it is? hihi :D

huhu..will be continued on next part! :) but not in the short time…hihihi…

Anyways, thanks for drop by and read this a-bit-long post!. Have a nice day!!..huhuhu..

Hi There and May Peace be Upon You…


Seems like long time not posting anything, so today I would to tell what we’ve do last month which is by right there were several activities but lets kept some of them just in our minds..hihi….

So, Pantai Remis Day Out? huhuhu…my lovely love have been asking me to take her there before last two,three months back and last  month I suddenly feels like to go there as I’ve never been there which last time when I aged 9/10 years old maybe, very long time already.

Pantai Remis Kuala Selangor is located 20 Kilometres South Kuala Selangor which nearby Sungai Sembilang Jeram. Drive by car from Klang took around 15~30mins depend on the traffic condition.

 That day also was the day we sent my lovely love’s sister to Klang Sentral Express Bus Station because her sisters went back to her university.

Afterwards we sent her then we took off directly from there, and much easier and shortcut to go rather than turning back to my area.

When we reach, it was around 3/4PM and the place already crowded a bit. Seems a lot of peoples came to relax and feels the beach breeze eventhough it still quite hot and sunny that time. It was windy also so there are some people playing kite around and fishing.

Then what we do?..same as others, just sat there feel the breeze, talk and discus many things. Sometimes its good to do this kind of thing rather than went to shopping mall. Feel the free green!..hahaha..I’ve been tell on this before…hehe..

When the sun set off, we also sets off back home :)

Now picture time! :)

Sungai Sembilang, Jeram

 Sungai Sembilang, Jeram

 Sungai Sembilang, Jeram

Sungai Sembilang, Jeram

Sungai Sembilang, Jeram

Sungai Sembilang, Jeram

Sungai Sembilang, Jeram

Sungai Sembilang, Jeram

Lots of Love from us :)


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