Chapter 1;

HM at Colmar Tropical, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

December is the month’s of celebrating our wedding anniversary

So we had plan for a holiday to celebrate it and of course as a reward for us to spend time together




a quite romantic dinner :)



scenery of attractions building at Colmar Tropical



one of the attraction here is “Japanese Village” Dont miss out!



we in “Kimono” ~ Japanese traditional dress~



Chapter 2;

HM at Bukit Merah

there is a lot of activities can be done here

but it seems like the management needs to do more improvisation towards these resort

anyway, we still enjoyed our holiday here


some of the place and attractions here


view of our resort ” Kampung Air” which is a water chalet


some of our activities ~animal park,animal show,sky cycle and of course the water theme park~

End of our HM story for the year 2014!

Lots of precious moments we had face through out this year


Thank you Love



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