Assalamualaikum and a very good day people…Salam 17th Ramadhan to all the muslims. :)

Last Saturday was a very nice day…Me, with my Lovely Dear and also some of our best friends had meet for an Iftar togehter. At first we plan to have a steamboat or seafood menu at Tanjung Harapan for our iftar but then we need to change our plan to just have an iftar together at the nearest shopping complex which is Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang… We also plan to have a movie first before iftar….and the movie that i choose off course is the Dark Night! huhu…After reconfirm the places, we set to meet up at the shopping complex before 3pm…

So as usual, at first, I went to my dear’s house to fetch him and from there we went to fetch our friend, Naili at her home. We are a little bit late actually because the movie’s start at 3pm…and during that time we still in our way to went to the shopping complex! huhu…While the other friend also still on her way…so after we arrived, we faster went to Papa John to booked a table for our Iftar! and quickly went to the cinema to watch the movie!haha..the movie started at 3pm and we went into the cinema about 3.30pm…30 minutes late already but then it’s ok for us..just sat and watch the movie together! :)

Watching The Dark Knight Rises!


The movie is quit slow at the beginning..but then it became more interesting and more actions! Awesome! and I really like it! huhu

After finished the movie, we went to perform our prayer and have a walk at some outlet and then we went to Papa John…it’s still early actually..we booked for 6.30 pm and waiting for the iftar about 1 hour. We sat together have a chit chat and story about ourselves and when it comes to 7.30 pm everybody in the restaurant are excited to eat their meals! and off course with Bismillah and doa first! :)

Iftar together at Papa John Restaurant! :)

With my dear :)


We eat together happily! the set of meals are quite interesting…too much to eat because we ordered set for 6 people to eat by 5 people! get it??hahaa..we all get full after that!

Finished eat our meals, we went to perform prayer and after that we have a window shopping together…looks like every outlet having a big SALE! off course for the upcoming Hari Raya Festival. :)

My Best friends! :)


and at last before we went back home, we try out to have a drink with Cha Time! Looks like a lot of people like to buy it…we need to line up and wait about half an hour to get our cha time drink! hahaa Never mind, even though we need to wait long but the taste of the cha time that was so tasty! had made us feels good! :)

That’s all for our day for an iftar together…thanks to all my best friends and also my dear to spend time together for that day..:)

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