Hi guys!

just a quick & simple update :)

Have you guys watched the latest movie that starring by Johnny Depp??..

Ouh yes, I’m talking about DARK SHADOW!! :)

Not so latest actually..huhu..I just had the opportunity to watch the movie with my lovely dear past few weeks…old story rite?but then only now I got the free time to update a little bit for our simple date! :)

Already watch the movie trailer above?its cool it is??huhu…a little bit surprise, suspense and thrill but hilarious movie directed by Tim Burton! :)

Dark Shadow Johnny Depp GSC Tropicana Mall City

Me n My Lovely Dear

The story was nice, its almost about Love Triangle, He (Barnabas Collins) in love with this girl (Victoria Winters / Josette DuPres) but there was another girl (Angelique Bouchard) were crazy for him until she curse him that he can’t die even he want to! A bit sad but eventually in the end??what happen?…huhu….lalalala….better watch yourself to know the ending of it…

My rate?, 4 out of 5 Stars! :)

After finished watching the movie, we went to Aman Suria which located also in Damansara, a Restaurant called Murni Discovery. :) My 1st time reach here as my lovely dear drove us to here for Dinner.

Murni Discovery Aman Suria Damansara

His Fav Mango Blended & Mine Milo Dinosaur!! :)

Quite a lot people that time, we reach around 7 something and the crowd almost full-house, even our food also came late than usual. As my lovely dear said usually took around 10~15min only but that day almost an hour to wait our meals to be served.

Murni Discovery Aman Suria Damansara

Mee Raja Lamb Chop! :)

See the picture above?, that was MINE! ..hahaha..quite a lot on the portion!, very2 delicious but can’t finished up!..force my lovely dear to eat also eventhough he had his Beef Steak! :) huhuhuhuhu… :) but he don’t mind..

took us almost an hour to finish up..:) then afterward, we straight ahead go back home as my dear is already exhausted..

So, that was my day, simple yet I’m having lovely moment with my lovely dear! :)

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